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Gros Moyens

clay, nails, paper, found objects

Gros Moyens is an exhibition of many many many things in a show-window.

Tiny sculptures made of modeling clay.
The first batch has been cooked in the oven. I carefully read the recommended temperature, set the alarm, and at about half the time, my apartment was full of smoke and the sculptures in flames.
The recommended temperature was shown in degree Fahrenheit and I set it in Celsius.
The second batch was correctly cooked.

Since my trip to Egypt, I kept my nail scraping foreseeing I would one day do something with it. Well, some years later it's the time. I bought some super glue and tried as hard as possible to make my nails look like sculpture.

I found some construction materials in the streets and used them as pedestals for a triad : one overcooked clay sculpture, one ok-cooked clay sculpture, one nail sculpture.

In a notebook, I kept doodling quickly. I have pages and pages filled with those. I chose some of the, xeroxed them on A4 paper and used them as background for the sculptures.