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My Sandwich: a
Making of

video HD, 15’

Short movie in which I make, literally, from the ground up a ham sandwich, better known in french speaking countries as “un jambon-beurre” (very simply ham, butter and bread). I went the Fribourg canton in Switzerland, where all the traditional know-how is still alive at a human scale.
I took the role of all the artisans, after they thaught me their gestures.

No dialogue, no music, just natural sounds. Two video cameras capture the actions. One, steady, 16/9, objective one, and another built into a pair of glasses I wore during the shooting, give a very subjective perspective on the actions. The two kinds of images are mixed. As a spectator of the video one sees the action better with the objective camera but remains outside of the action. With the other camera, the spectator sees the action from my perspective but the images are more abstract.