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workshop and acrylic on canvas

Action-painting workshop given for the exhibition For Real! at the Kunsthalle St. Gallen, with the other participating artists: San Keller, Norma Jeane, Fouad Bouchoucha and myself.

For Real! looks for a relationship with the reality of art, which is seen symbolically most of the time. The principle upon which I built my project is that what makes reality is the involvement that one puts into it. So I tried to involve the artists in a process which is not their medium at all, painting, in the action-painting style which requires no special skills to begin with, and which at the same time is a direct/real relationship with the paint, the canvas and the brushes.

Norma Jeane's

Fouad at work


San Keller's

installation of San's paintings

another one of mines

Carmine's directions to a lazy Keller

Last one of mines

San's first, with a broom

Installation in the big room