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The Big Picture

artist book

This book is a project that started out with a retrospect of my works at the Villa du Parc, in Annemasse, France in 2013.

I wanted to avoid making reproductions where the works are just floating in air, hanging on a wall or left on the ground. Thus I worked with students from the art school whom I asked to come up with ideas for ways to hold the works in front of the camera, ways that take clues from something in the work.

Each picture in this book is accompanied by a short sentence that is a hint for the appreciation of the work.

Graphic Design : Laura Pappa
Editors: Semiose and Villa du Parc
Pictures in the book : Benjamin C Dick
Folks : Barbara Ciampa, Aldric Lamblin, Sarah Margnetti, Tali Serruya, Heloïse Verdan

©Rebecca Bowring

©Rebecca Bowring