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GNIQ, le Grand
N'Importe Quoi


GNIQ is the acronym for «le Grand N'Importe Quoi», the Great Whatever.

It revolves around a simple idea: how to bring on stage the immense variety of things that floats around us at every moment, without simplifying the complexity it represents. To show something is to choose what to show. In the choosing, there's a simplification, a reduction.

The play is an attempt to bring everything. We worked with Martina-Sofie Wildberger and Jeremy Chevalier for 9 months, trying something like a hundred possibilities for the running of the play. At any given time, each proposition was always still a choice. We had nothing a week before the première. Then we decided to try to stage the process of trying all the possibilities, along with all the emotional difficulties that such an endeavour lets appear.

In the end, it's a play around the desire to make a play that doesn't choose anything, that refuses to reduce the richness of any experience for the purpose of showing it on stage.

To play the video use the password: le-gniq-c-est-chic