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La Grande
Révolution de 2014

installation in situ at BF15, Lyon, France

The Great Revolution of 2014
It all starts with a deterministic reading of recent history. From the end of the WWII and the bombing in Japan, every 23 years there's alternatively a revolution or the end of a war. So:
- 1945, end of a war
+23: 1968, revolution
+23: 1991, end of the Cold War (usually it's the fall of the Berlin Wall, but it's really when the USSR ends, in 1991 that is)
+23: 2014, revolution.

Following that pattern, then, 2014 will see a revolution of some kind.
Instead of proposing a precise scenario, the installation merely makes the point of the possibility of it. Staged on the same plan found in churches with the stations of the Cross (as a technical device to make people believe in something even if it's completely absurd) the installation become a chapel for a revolution to come, letting the visitor, now a wannabe believer, project whatever fear, desire or else on this date, in the near future.